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PEZ confectionery company's practical experience of body fitted packaging

PEZ confectionery company of the United States cooperated with Koch company of Germany to design a highly automated body fitted packaging system by using a special infeed and placement system after grabbing, which was used to package its fruity candy, and achieved success

PEZ Candy company is located in orange, Connecticut, USA, with a development history of more than 50 years. Its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world. PEZ Candy company has a factory in orange, which has a systematic and complete candy processing and packaging capacity. Not long ago, PEZ Candy company purchased a new automatic body fitted packaging production line from Koch maschinenbau GmbH in Germany, which makes it faster, more flexible and more cost-effective in the body fitted packaging production process of a variety of sweets

problems and requirements

in the past, PEZ Candy company has been using pre-finished body fitting and several body fitting sealing machines to produce body fitting combination packaging with paperboard. In 2002, PEZ began to look for new products to replace its labor-intensive production. Mark morrisssey, chief operating officer of PEZ company, said, "we need to increase production, reduce material costs, and manufacture body fitted packaging by ourselves. Our main requirements for new equipment are that we can achieve 16 ~ 18 cycles per minute, and each cycle can produce 6 body fitted packaging. At the same time, the new equipment must be a highly automated machine with fast conversion."

for the equipment supplier, the difficulty encountered in this case is: how to design a method to guide the 2.3-inch long candy roll delivered from several bulk hoppers to the body fitting packaging machine. At the same time, we need to design a post grab placement and transfer system to load different combinations of candy rolls into body fitted packaging on the premise of constant production speed. "Koch is the only company that can manufacture this kind of cross feed body fitted packaging equipment," morrisse can meet the needs of industrial and mining enterprises, quality inspection units Various experiments in schools and scientific research institutions require y to say, "in the past, when we used the body fitting sealing machine, operators were required to manually fill candy rolls into the body fitting. Now, we only need an automated system to complete production and help us improve production as much as possible."

solutions and processes

PEZ Candy company and Koch company first contacted at the 2002 Chicago Pack Expo. In the next two years, the two companies continued to have further negotiations. PEZ company finally decided to adopt Koch's kbs-pl high-capacity body mounted packaging production line, and designed and manufactured a special cross feed and post grab placement solution on this production line

the final packaging system can produce body fitted packaging containing three candy rolls and a distributor, or body fitted packaging containing only candy rolls (ranging from 7 to 10)

this set of body fitted packaging production line starts with the automatic candy roll infeed system provided by Koch company. The traditional method of infeed causes the material development cycle to be too long. The system has four infeed channels, which can accommodate up to four different flavors of standardized candy of the electronic universal testing machine at the same time. During production, non directional products are poured into four bulk hoppers equipped with step-by-step trippers

in this non directional state, the candy roll is unloaded through the step-by-step feeder to remove the width of the bonding between the big bottom side wall and the upper to the conveyor belt at a horizontal position. Then, the candy roll is transferred to a visual system provided by Cognex company through the conveyor belt, where the candy roll is rotated to the correct orientation position, and then transferred into the production line again

then, the products on all four channels converge into a straight line, arrive at a stacking workbench, accumulate to the required quantity (up to 10 candy rolls) and taste types, and then transfer to a horizontal position. Then, the calibrated candy rolls reach the grab and placement workbench through a coagulation conveyor

at the same time, the plastic sheet for manufacturing the body fitted packaging is guided from the sheet roll into the machine, and will be preheated, ready to be used for manufacturing body fitted packaging. After passing through the thermal forming workbench and cutting table, the blistered sheet is horizontally transmitted into six channels

then, a punching machine then punches a hole on the sheet. The size of this hole is the same as that of the die-cutting hole on the cardboard, which allows the finished product to be hung on the nail for display. The sheet with blisters is then picked up by the gripper and placed on a separate tray. Then, the tray is transferred to the automatic infeed system, where the candy roll is loaded into the body. If it is a body fitted with a dispenser, an operator will manually load the dispenser into the package after the candy roll is loaded. If it's a body fitted candy bag, the tray goes directly into the cardboard and is inserted into the workbench. Here, the body fitted is inverted, and the cardboard is inserted from the bottom of the body fitted. Then, the tray is transferred to a sealing workbench, and the machine seals the body fitting. After that, the product is grabbed and separated from the production line

koch system is controlled by TwinCAT PLC and action control software system provided by beckhod automation company. The software runs on a PC, adopts Windows 2000 operating system, and has a touch screen operator panel, which is very convenient to operate


this production line meets the requirements of PEZ company for speed, automation and minimizing replacement time. With its customized design and automatic infeed system, this production line can provide candy rolls with correct orientation, and realize the diversification of candy types and combinations, and the speed of body fitted packaging can reach 16 to 18 cycles per minute. In addition, Morrissey also talked about the activation time of the system. It only takes 5 ~ 10 minutes to change a plug used to determine the size of the body to complete the activation process

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