PPG launched the world's first frozen age coating

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After frozen beauty, PPG launched the world's first frozen age coating

after frozen beauty, PPG launched the world's first frozen age coating

June 24, 2020

in June 2016, are you still worried about easy dirt and scratches on the wall? Are you still discouraged by the high cost and trouble of wall care? Do you want to have a product that can keep walls and floors fresh and fresh like a frozen beauty? Now, PPG may solve the above problems and achieve your ideal through a newly developed ultra-thin interior wall paint and primer

according to the latest report of paint world in the United States, PPG recently launched the first new product using the patented PPG surface cleaning technology - super clean paint + primer. This product uses the same tough, scratch resistant and easy to clean surface technology as the automobile exterior decoration to protect the wall from external intrusion and prolong the service life of the wall floor

ppg ultra thin interior wall paint + primer

"through extensive research, we found that customers want an elastic coating. This coating can not only easily wash away daily stains and wear, but also provide a lasting barrier for future stains." Jaime irick, vice president of PPG, a building coating company in the United States and Canada, said, "PPG super clean paint + primer developed by our professional team happens to be such a paint, which changes and optimizes the whole wall cleaning process."

it is reported that due to the effect of removing stubborn stains by preventing stubborn stains from penetrating the paint film, this product can provide professional contractors, property managers and homeowners with a more lasting new paint appearance. It is the first choice for some high aggregation spaces, such as kitchens, bathrooms, game rooms, restaurants, retail spaces, educational facilities, etc

"the scratch and fade resistant formula of PPG super clean paint + primer maintains the luster and bright colors initially obtained by customers due to their involvement in a wide range of industries, while other competitive products lose color over time due to friction or scrubbing." "Paint world" reported that

"consumers often feel discouraged when trying to clean the stains, because the stains will not fall off, or the paint film may be damaged when removing the stains, which is almost more serious than the stains." Alison Bruce, senior marketing manager of PPG, said, "we found that this often leads them to prefer to repaint the whole wall. Therefore, our team is determined to provide an innovative coating solution to eliminate this common frustration."

according to PP, we fully agree with your views on the development of bilateral relations. G official introduction, PPG super clean paint + primer can prevent dry paint film from mildew and reduce the demand for abrasive cleaners and sponges, These products are easy to go. "These vehicles will need more customized special chemicals to meet the needs of lightweight, in addition to paint and wall gloss." the product also extends the cycle of repainting, allowing users to retain the walls with novel appearance before deciding to change the color, ultimately saving time and money. "

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