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Eight common failures of impact testing machine m-press platform inkjet printer

agfa and Thieme jointly launched L60 cm × 260 cm m-press platform inkjet printing machine, printing volume of 100 sheets per hour, maximum printing thickness of l0 i13_ m 。 The machine integrates Agfa's advanced inkjet technology and Thieme. Experts from the automotive industry, auto parts, material supply, colleges and universities have made active discussions on the utilization of plastic materials concerned by the current automotive industry. Professional design and manufacturing technology in printing equipment, combined with the advantages of digital printing and printing, is a fully automatic, high-speed hybrid UV inkjet printing machine, suitable for banners Display board or decorative printing. M-press adopts a modular structure in design, which can be connected with thieme5000xl printer for mixed printing of digital and traditional printing, such as white ink, special color and glazing

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