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Moxa released a special railway remote i/o - iologik E1500 series

moxa recently released a special railway remote i/o iologik E1500 series. This product not only meets the strict EMC standards, but also meets the wide temperature and anti vibration requirements of Railway applications. ① first of all, it is an ideal choice for on-board or trackside data acquisition applications

iologik E1500 is equipped with a solid aluminum shell and a threaded M12 Ethernet port, which can still ensure the reliable connection of the network in the vibration environment; In addition, it also provides spring-loaded terminals for wiring in anti vibration environment, setting the experimental time, experimental temperature, main China's recent thought of taking the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guidance, shaft speed, and guide rail installation accessories with convenient installation. Moreover, in Railway applications, providing surge protection is the key index of Ethernet i/o. Iologik E1500 supports specially designed channel and isolation protection between channels, which can provide maximum protection. In this topology, each i/o channel of iologik E1500 is isolated separately to ensure efficient and stable data communication to cope with high surge environments such as lightning strikes

iologik E1500 conforms to the basic parts of en, en and en50155 standards (including operating temperature, input voltage, surge protection, ESD and anti vibration, etc.), ensuring that the product can be applied to locomotive and vehicle

iologik E1500 remote i/o has the characteristics of reliability, durability and safety. With its excellent product performance and excellent product design, it can be applied to the railway industry

product features

compatible with en, en and en 50155 basic parts

support wide temperature, and the working temperature can reach -40~85 ℃ (-40 ~ 185 f)

all i/o channels support the isolation protection between channels, provide the most reliable data transmission

m12 connector and spring terminal, and still provide highly reliable i/o wiring in vibration environment

support general protocols: modbus/tcp, HTTP, tcp/ip, UDP, DHCP and BOOTP

support moxa active OPC server Lite, which can realize i/o communication and SC integration by adding various additives, modifiers and fillers ADA based on events

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