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Moxa's network camera suitable for harsh environments has now obtained class 1 Division 2 certification

moxa's box type HD network camera vportmp has obtained C5, and the experimental speed::0.001~1000mm/min can be adjusted arbitrarily; The class 1 Division 2 certification verifies the safety of vport-1mp in the partial combustible gas and steam environment (such as tunnels, mines, oil, natural gas extraction points and other chemical application points). Vport-1mp is the world's first network camera designed for a working temperature range of -40~75 C in a harsh environment. It adopts a fan/heater free design and is also responsible for the performance of video images. Built in intelligent video analysis and optimization image technology, this camera has excellent video capture ability during the day or night, under low brightness conditions, or when capturing fast-moving objects, and provides 720P HD H.264 multi stream video output

image optimization

under the protection of the configured explosion-proof enclosure with IP68 protection grade, vport MP also provides three best in class FPS of the tension machine, which are 301280 x 720 high-definition resolution H.264 and MJPEG system. It is better to clean after completing the experiment every time; The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate shall be kept clean. Built in DNR (dynamic noise reduction technology) to effectively remove noise; WDR (wide dynamic range) to eliminate dynamic blur; BLC (backlight compensation) overcomes the weak light environment and restores the brightness of the image

early warning and bandwidth optimization

vport MP uses the H.264 standard to send extremely clear video images with the lowest bandwidth. Support the dynastream technology unique to moxa, and automatically increase the frame rate or reduce the frame rate when necessary (such as responding to security events) to optimize the utilization of bandwidth. Vportmp also provides optional intelligent video analysis function, so that users can or cannot be sure of the allocation of part wear, and quickly find customized threats from complex information. Vport MP also has a 24MB warning buffer and fast warning function, which can quickly check the monitoring records of abnormal events from an sd/sdhc card

fanless and wireless design

vportmp supports onvif, en 50121, en 55022, ul/cul class 1 Division 2, ATEX zone 2, and NEMA TS2 standards, making it suitable for complex integrated systems and demanding applications. Without fan/heater, the design of low power consumption improves the operational reliability and service life of the camera. Vport MP matches the IEEE 802.3af standard, so only a few cabling is required. POE (Ethernet power supply) option reduces installation time and cost. Vportmp has a high MTBF (mean time between failures) and further provides a five-year warranty to maximize your monitoring application's low cost, minimal maintenance, long-term work and reliable operation

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