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Mrs BPO uses IBM Watson to launch a new AI tool for call centers

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on September 4 (compilation/Lao Qin): Mrs BPO LLC, a service provider in the accounts receivable management industry, announced the launch of Adam, a proprietary session IVR that provides services to customers. Adam is a mixture of AI and IVR, learning and expanding every day. It combines IBM Watson's speech recognition technology with decades of contact center customer interaction experience, resulting in products that improve the customer experience

Michael Meyer, chief Innovation Officer of Mrs BPO, said: Adam exists in a flexible technical environment, and we always add more intelligence and functions to it. We are constantly looking for new ways to use IBM Watson to help increase every aspect of smart Adam. This enables us to reach the level of customer experience, which is a great victory for our customers and their customers

artificial intelligence is becoming the foundation of business and driving various industries to make great progress, said aameek Singh, vice president of IBM data & AI Watson applications and solutions. Watson assistant, IBM's leading virtual assistant technology, provides enterprises with a tool to ensure that customers' questions are answered quickly and accurately, while ensuring that employees are able to complete their work effectively

the initial beta test began in April 2018 and began operation in early 2019. In the debt collection industry, Adam is the same type with complete functions. 6. Overall size: 550mm × 300mm × 900mm: the first one in IVR. This breakthrough technology has completely changed the way we operate. Customers "interact with Adam, and they do this by speaking naturally. There is no need to listen to menu options and press the number on the keyboard repeatedly. Adam's ability to understand and complete tasks when handling a large number of official opening talks on October 8 has created operational efficiency and improved the recovery rate, which is a level we have never seen before. Combined with the new technology of composite membrane regeneration & nbsp; Plastic packaging to achieve "zero landfill" joint CEO Jeff Jeff Freedman said

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