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The global market demand for neoprene is growing strongly

due to the growing demand for industrial rubber products, adhesives, automobiles and other industries, the subsidy decline mechanism has been clarified by 201, and the global market demand for neoprene will reach 445300 tons in 7 years, Especially in developing markets such as Asia Pacific and Latin America, the demand for neoprene applied in industrial products and auto parts will grow strongly after several quarters of "extraordinary period". On the other hand, the global neoprene market is also facing fierce competition from natural rubber and other synthetic rubber substitutes

neoprene is the most prominent material between rubbers of various brands. This product is very flexible and can be treated with. Neoprene has the characteristics of high elasticity, solvent resistance, heat resistance, ozone resistance, atmospheric aging resistance, and can be used in organic peroxide environment. It has medium excellent performance. It is widely used as belts, wires, building rubber products and general industrial materials for hoses and auto parts. Now neoprene is in increasing demand for general industrial products and auto parts, especially in Asia

it is predicted that the Asia Pacific region will become the fastest growing region in the world's neoprene market, with an average annual compound growth rate of more than 3.0% by 2017, in which the use of adhesives will still account for the largest share of the demand for neoprene. However, in terms of industrial rubber products, the demand growth rate will be higher than the compound annual growth rate during the period

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