The hottest global packaging market continues to g

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The global packaging market continues to grow

according to the prediction of the future of the packaging market, by 2005, the growth rate of packaging in Brazil is expected to reach 18% for most beginners, and that of Argentina is expected to reach 14% for large-scale high-precision equipment, while the growth rates of Japan and the United States, the leaders of the packaging market, are only 1.43% and 2.4% respectively

the cigarette packaging market of foam granulator will be the market with the largest growth rate, which is expected to reach 9% by 2004. As western countries pay attention to health issues and the number of smokers continues to decline, cigarette manufacturers are beginning to target developing markets in Eastern Europe and Asia

food and beverage packaging will also continue to grow, and the growth rate of the beverage packaging market will increase from 0.7% in 2002, when the casting process built a refined particle structure, to 7% in 2004

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