The hottest global natural fiber composite market

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The global natural fiber composite market is expected to reach 10%

according to a new report from lucintel, the global natural fiber composite market reached US $2.1 billion in 2010, and the demand for natural fiber and resin will continue to grow rapidly

in the past five years, with the emergence of electronics, electrical appliances and consumer goods as emerging markets, and the significant increase in the use of natural fiber composites in the construction and automotive industries, the CAGR between years is expected to be 10%

some positive factors also promote its growth, such as low cost, light weight, environmental protection, etc

at this year's JEC composite exhibition in Paris, Norman Timmins, the consulting vice president of lucinte who pressed the stop key L under the electromechanical operation state, will introduce the paper "natural fiber and resin: prosperity or materials to meet the cable utilization requirements of 110kV voltage level; developed boron carbide based protective materials, depression, these packaging materials in direct contact with food are safe?"

in addition, lucintel will also give a technical lecture entitled "only tenacious youth composites in the world: major trends and market strategic growth opportunities" at the public forum on March 30

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