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Analysis of common network marketing modes

network marketing is crazy for marketers because of its low cost, easy control and interactivity. With the emergence of network media, mobile media and other new media, there are many marketing theories, ideas and ideas, such as integrated marketing, in-depth marketing, integrated marketing, interactive marketing, event marketing and so on. This captured a group of hard-working marketers, and there were a large number of practitioners, theorists and entrepreneurs who studied new marketing. Network marketing has also become everyone's favorite

in this environment where new ideas and theories are in full bloom, there are too many new marketing enterprises that can successfully do a good job, such as Lancome and L'Oreal, who have successfully used network marketing to divide a big cake in China's daily chemical market. Of course, there is also Wang Laoji, who entered the mouth of hundreds of millions of people from a post, and of course, there is Wal Mart, which should be gray headed and black faced for fake stickers, There is no shortage of enterprises that spent a lot of money but didn't hit back a "support". So how can we do well in network marketing? How can we embark on a new avenue of marketing? Here, in order to facilitate everyone's understanding of network marketing, we summarize the sub models of network marketing

first, station construction

for marketing, station construction is an indispensable part of network marketing. Station is not only the media carrier of company information, company products and company services, but also the window for the public to understand an enterprise. It is like human eyes, through which you can directly communicate with the soul of a company

it's worth mentioning that the author has contacted many bosses. They spent a lot of money on the construction of the station, but they didn't get any return at all, so they called on marketing swindlers. In fact, they regard standards as an important means to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and regulate industrial order. There are many marketers in the marketing industry. They are verifying Mr. Liu Dongming's "stand alone fort effect". They do spend a lot of energy on building their stations, but if they are well built, they will be shelved. When they are offered by a Bodhisattva, they think that as long as they have this Bodhisattva, a lot of gold will flow in

this requires that some old-fashioned thinking about the construction of stations also need to be changed: the huge flash image home page, large enterprise reports, leaders' style display, vague product introduction and other phenomena can not really play the effect of interactive marketing. Before the development of the station, it is necessary to locate the station first. Only by making the station meet the requirements of station visitors can we make a suitable station. For example, a famous sporting goods company has built two stations, one is a simple, generous and rigorous station for officials and shareholders to understand the company's financial information, and the other is a lively and passionate station for consumers to browse product information

in addition, information needs to be released regularly after the station is built. Only by implementing the interactivity can the function of the station really be played

second, search engine optimization

search engine optimization is needed at the beginning of the construction of the station. From the structure of the station, the section of the station, and the attributes of the station, it needs to run through the spirit of search engine optimization

after the construction of the website goes online, the search engine can be divided into two parts. On the one hand, it is done by the outsourcing company that specially provides search engine optimization services in the market; On the other hand, there are station maintenance personnel of the company who regularly release new information for station maintenance to improve the natural search ranking of the station on the search engine

there are thousands of indexes that affect the ranking in search, and search engine operators will update and upgrade their indexes regularly. In addition, China's research on search engine technology started late and the technology is not perfect, which makes the current search engine optimization services in the Chinese market unable to fully meet the requirements of enterprises. Many companies not only did not rank well due to improper selection of service providers, but also caused search engines to block the site domain name. Therefore, we should be careful when choosing to use search engine optimization

Third, search engine marketing

search engine marketing has become an indispensable part of the network marketing process, known as the 20 that plays an important role under the 80/20 principle

because the enterprise promotion mode of search engine is not perfect and the promotion service is not mature enough, enterprises cannot choose the appropriate keywords during the promotion, so that after spending a lot of money and good compatibility with other materials (especially when used in printing varnish), they do not achieve very good results. In the process of search engine promotion, we should adhere to one focus and one idea. One focus refers to the focus of all forms of advertising in search engine promotion. For example, after HSBC launched its wealth management master business, it insisted on "three times of" three times of return on one investment "in search engine; One idea is to adhere to the idea of "combining online marketing and offline marketing" when doing search engine marketing. For example, some companies participating in international exhibitions use search engines to promote the information of participating exhibitions, so as to make the customers who come to the exhibition more purposeful and achieve better exhibition results

IV. network community marketing

in the report released by CNNIC in August 2008, it was mentioned that there were 253million people in China in 2008. With the rapid growth of people and the general improvement of people's knowledge level, network community broke out an irresistible strong marketing force and became an important resource gathering place in network marketing. The marketing effect of Luo community is obvious. For example, Wang Laoji's same post has made Wang Laoji herbal tea into the hearts of billions of Chinese people in China

with the promotion of Web2.0, the era of "online personal killer" has come. Here is a classic case. With the upsurge of online marketing sweeping the world, Wal Mart has also carried out various online marketing activities. Wal Mart has created quite creative posts, which have been sought after by many people. However, a friend soon revealed that its posts were fake, Wal Mart's image among the public fell sharply, and so far Wal Mart has not completely got rid of the shadow of the Internet

therefore, when doing network community marketing, we should pay attention to how to be natural, traceless and creative

v. network video marketing

in the history of network marketing, from static text and pictures to dynamic video is a great progress for this network advertising. Since then, network marketing has entered a new era, a new era that needs more creativity and more marketing power. Those stations with video as the main content, such as youtube, Youku, liujianfang, have become the new battlefield of marketing network marketing. For example, after the 5.12 earthquake, sports brand 361 ° became popular in China with a creative heart video

VI. instant messaging marketing

according to the survey, 90% of 253million Chinese people have used instant messaging tools. Facing such a large market, marketers have already taken action, and cooperating with these instant messaging providers has also become the focus of many brands. There are many ways of cooperation, but Coca Cola gives us a classic hint on how to create ideas and make effects. During the spread of the Olympic flame of the Beijing Olympic Games, Coca Cola and Tencent cooperated to carry out the torch relay, making people crazy with the torch icon that can be lit. In just 40 days, more than 40million people participated in this activity, which is powerful, The move has to be said to be clever

VII. Online game placement advertisements

there are a group of 40million to 50million people who don't watch TV, read newspapers or listen to the radio on the Internet. They only love the virtual online game world and wander in the hatred and love of the virtual world every day. How can we capture their attention? The emergence of online game embedded advertising provides a good platform for advertisers. Since then, network game has changed from a game terminal that only earns people's wallets to a marketing platform with good information dissemination ability and appeal. For example, the gift distribution master activity played by Nestle coffee in the perfect "Zhu Xian" has attracted countless "spider silk" to rejoice

there are various modes of network marketing, but how to stand out in network marketing requires marketers to study the connotation of these modes in depth, great creativity, and the use of one heart

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