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Analysis of the packaging of China's export agricultural products (Part 2)

there is a gap between the export packaging and the requirements of importing countries

Mr. Wang Yuande said that the packaging of China's food and agricultural products is simple, resulting in low product prices. Some countries need to repack their food and agricultural products after importing them into their own markets, and their market prices are much higher than those at the time of import. In particular, there is a big gap between the transportation and packaging of fruits, vegetables, tea and other agricultural products and foreign countries. In selling tea packaging, we should learn from international brands such as Nestle

it is worth noting that the threshold of food and agricultural products approved to enter the market of the country through the certification of various countries is getting higher and higher. The reason is that there are permanent research and inspection institutions in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, which attach great importance to the hygiene of food and agricultural products, and constantly study and screen the carcinogens they identified in food and agricultural products. At present, many people in China think that foreign countries' technical restrictions on the import of Chinese food and agricultural products is a kind of trade discrimination, which is not the case. They also have the same technical requirements for their own products, as well as for other importing countries, not just China

future direction of packaging of exported food and agricultural products

Mr. Wang Yuande believes that Chinese food enterprises should produce food and agricultural products that can be eaten directly after intensive processing or primary processing, so as to minimize the packaging that brings urban garbage and reduce transportation consumption. Foreign countries have strict restrictions on the import of goods that produce more garbage from packaging and products themselves, because China has not paid due attention to this aspect in order to reduce the cost of urban garbage treatment

agricultural products should be further commercialized. They must have the characteristics of commodities, such as grade, brand and packaging. At present, Chinese farmers lack the awareness of industrialized operation of agricultural products, and the consumption of products in the process of transportation and storage is huge, resulting in a waste of social resources. If breathable high-density polyethylene food and agricultural products transportation boxes and turnover boxes can be widely used in the transportation and storage process, and breathable, moisturizing and environment-friendly degradable plastic films can be widely used as sales packaging materials, the consumption will be greatly reduced and the quality of food and agricultural products will be improved

the packaging of exported food and agricultural products should meet the needs of international transportation, and its size should be standardized

in addition to meeting the basic requirements of non-toxic and harmless, packaging materials should also meet the special requirements of different importing countries

several things that need to be done well in the domestic packaging industry to achieve export

although the use of bubble film has its limitations, director Li Jianhua believes that China can effectively drive the in-flight packaging industry under the illumination of various light sources, including sunlight. In order to make a good "wedding dress" for graphene products widely favored by exporters, we must do the following things:

first, the domestic packaging industry should strengthen management; Second, accelerate the process of packaging standardization, including the standardization of packaging materials, packaging technical requirements, packaging labels, packaging manufacturing, etc., especially the relevant food packaging standards should be mandatory. At present, some packaging technical standards are still blank, some are outdated, some need to be revised, in addition, the implementation of the standards is not strict enough

third, on the basis of improving technical standards, it is more necessary to establish and improve food and agricultural products packaging regulations. China has not yet had a "packaging law", so the government should pay attention to it and strive to issue a "packaging law" as soon as possible

fourth, packaging design, production and application are divorced. Those engaged in packaging do not understand the foreign situation, those engaged in design and production do not understand the application of packaging, and there is a lack of effective communication and association between the packaging industry and downstream industries such as food and agricultural products

fifth, there is a big gap between China's food and agricultural products packaging technology and equipment and transportation packaging compared with foreign countries. We should vigorously research and develop advanced packaging technology and equipment, which is the technical guarantee for packaging to finally realize its effective functions. Only the advanced packaging technology and equipment can truly make the exported food and agricultural products meet the requirements of importing countries and realize the substantial growth of exported products

Mr. Wang Yuande believes that the government and enterprises should strengthen guidance, management and capital investment in the packaging of agricultural products, and constantly strengthen the cultivation of farmers' packaging awareness, so that agricultural products can better go to the domestic and even broad international market, truly realize their added value of goods, so that farmers are no longer trapped in the low price of primary agricultural products, but really increase income from high value-added agricultural products and get tangible benefits. While strengthening the packaging of food and agricultural products, we should also improve the quality of the contents of food and agricultural products and curb the degradation of good varieties


packaging is like a coat worn on people, which cannot be ignored China is a large agricultural country, which exports a large number of agricultural food every year, and a unique and exquisite packaging will bring good business opportunities for China's exported agricultural products, and will also promote China to remain invincible in the international trade market

Author: Shi Lang, School of foreign languages

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