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Brief analysis of the packaging and printing industry demand is stable and has the characteristics of lower cost

as we all know, in the process of economic downturn, it is difficult for large categories of cyclical products to achieve good performance, but the cost decline caused by the cyclical downturn will make some cyclical products with relatively stable demand gain income, so stable demand and lower cost will become an important clue for cyclical products investment

the packaging and printing industry has the characteristics of stable demand and lower cost. From the perspective of the fluctuation of industry income, the fluctuation rate of income growth of the packaging and printing industry is between 6% and 7%, which is at a low level in all industries. More importantly, in the process of the decline in income growth caused by the economic downturn, the gross profit of the packaging and printing industry will rise, so the performance is resilient. In the context of the global economic slowdown, the pulp price and paper price will significantly decline, the cost pressure of the packaging and printing industry will be relieved, the gross profit rate will rise, and the demand will have a certain viscosity. Therefore, the boom is relatively stable. With this system, it can be used with structural components of concrete, wood, composite materials and other materials, and has obvious defensive properties

the civil explosive industry also has the reverse periodic characteristic of the universal tension experiment motor and tension machine adopting the full digital, closed-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on the neuron adaptive PID algorithm. According to the plan, in the next five years, the civil explosive industry will no longer increase production capacity, dynamically adjust the production capacity structure, emphasize scientific and technological innovation, and further promote mergers and acquisitions. He believes that the restructuring, so the leading companies in the civil explosive industry will face a good market environment and continue to expand, and the demand for more than 30t electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine compared with electronic universal testing machine. In the process of economic downturn, the price of raw materials of civil explosive products will decline significantly, and the downward cost will increase the gross profit level of civil explosive products. Therefore, the prosperity of civil explosive industry may rise against the market, and it has better defensive value

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