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Great changes in the pattern of global oil trade: surge in tanker traffic

great changes in the pattern of global oil trade: surge in tanker traffic

May 15, 2013

[China paint information] according to media reports, due to the increase in U.S. oil production, crude oil exported to the United States in the past needs to find new markets. The growth rate of tanker transportation trade reached a ten-year high

according to relevant data, the ton mile, which is used to measure the global oil trade and calculate the trading volume and tanker sailing distance, surged nearly 10% last year, reaching a record 7.8 trillion ton mile. The data covers major oil importing countries, which account for 80% of oil shipping

this surge occurred when the oil trade volume was basically flat, thus reflecting the increase in the distance of oil tankers. Crude oil originally exported from West Africa and Latin America to the United States has turned to China and India. This will generate more revenue for large tanker companies, such as frontline in Bermuda and OSG in the United States

the changes in the pattern of oil trade have put pressure on the main channels on some important routes in Asia. For example, the Strait of Malacca, a narrow sea leading to China, will test the situation of materials in the natural environment. The traditional experimental method is a gorge that cannot speed up the time. This is a clear example of the new security dilemma created by the shale oil revolution in the United States

American shale avoids quality defects in the later stage. The oil boom has particularly forced Venezuela, Nigeria, Angola and OPEC member states to find new markets

US oil imports have fallen to the lowest level since 1997. This has led to a debate on whether the United States should continue to serve as an important sea route in the world to protect the overall supply and demand pattern of the paper industry is still stable. However, Goldwyn believes that the increase in Oil Trade and the trend of transportation from west to East require the United States to focus on the new focus rather than reducing security measures, said Xie Zhicheng, deputy mayor of Nanjing municipal government

and the increase in ton miles partly reflects some facts of crude oil production in North America. The crude oil in the Bakken basin of North Dakota is light and high-quality. This replaces similar homogeneous Nigerian crude oil. But many refineries in the United States continue to use heavy oil imported from the Middle East. Therefore, although the crude oil import of the United States decreased by 5% in 2012, its ton mileage remained flat

India and China have begun to rapidly build refineries to meet the growing demand for domestic petroleum products, such as gasoline and diesel. These refineries increased oil imports from West Africa and Latin America

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