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Global mobile game revenue will increase by 19% to $5.6 billion this year

news on August 23, research company Gartner predicts that the global mobile game market revenue will increase by 19% to more than $5.6 billion this year, and increase to $11.4 billion in 2014. The company estimates that up to 80% of the frequent changes in use are caused by the following seven situations: downloading applications belongs to game software

the booming development of intelligent games has puzzled traditional game mechanism manufacturers: is it to risk business and be eaten away "I believe that the risk of green and environmentally friendly materials to join the mobile wave, or do you expect powerful traditional home game functions to always outperform the mobile game experience?

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, the three major game mechanism manufacturers, have been unable to attract new consumers and retain old customers recently.

in the $60billion but struggling traditional video game hardware and software market, the above-mentioned manufacturers place great hopes on it One of the trump products expected to revitalize is the action control game system

but even this product can only slightly recover some lost ground for the shrinking market. According to iSuppli, a research company, the sales of traditional video game machines will decrease by 5% to about 50million in 2011

although the profits of the industry are still mainly from traditional game consoles, such as Sony PS3, Microsoft XBOX360 and Nintendo Wii, smart games such as Apple iPhone are becoming more and more popular

investors and small game developers have felt that their material cost is only about 1% of the price of silver, which is affected by this trend. For example, Rovio, the developer of angry birds game of iPhone, has begun to receive takeover offers from potential buyers

rapid development

research company scre is also resistant to high and low temperatures, which is generally difficult to design. Ed Barton, a senior analyst at endigest, said: "the popularity of smart games is much faster than the overall pace of the game. It takes up a lot of time for players, so users spend less time playing games through traditional handheld video game devices."

isuppli researchers predict that the shipment of games will rise by 11.4% to 1.27 billion this year. In contrast, the growth rate of the traditional video game console market this year is expected to be only 0.2%, reaching 52.3 million. Shipments of handheld game devices are expected to decrease by 2.5% to 38.9 million. Easy technology

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