The hottest global packaging industry continued to

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The global packaging industry continues to grow

according to a recent survey by the Smithers Pira Market Research Institute, global packaging sales have increased by $670 billion annually since 2010, and are expected to reach $820 billion annually by 2016. As the driving force of growth, on the one hand, the demand for packaging in developing countries and emerging industrial countries has also increased based on the increase of affluence and population. On the other hand, the packaging sector in western industrial countries has benefited from the competition of variety diversification and increased points of sale

the United States has become the largest packaging market

according to the data provided by the Smithsonian speara Market Research Institute in 2010, the United States has become the world's largest packaging market with sales of 137billion US dollars. China followed closely with $80billion. According to the prediction of the Institute, China is likely to replace the United States in the first place by 2017. The unforgettable International Printing Exhibition held in Beijing in May this year is the most powerful testimony to the development of China's printing and packaging industry

at the same time, India also has a rapid development of CT 2130 ⑵ 012 mobile electronic products video cover glass. By 2017, India is likely to rise to the top 10 countries that produce the most packaging, and its total demand for packaging will increase to US $24billion in the next five years

paper packaging has the largest demand

paper and paperboard packaging constitutes the largest part of the packaging industry with a total global demand of US $2010 billion. According to the experts of Smithsonian pila Institute, this part will grow to $250billion by 2016

another survey of the Institute shows that since 2005, the global folding carton production has increased by 2.5% annually, and increased to 43 million tons in 2010. In the future, it will continue to increase. It can be divided into wedge-shaped clamps (referring to clamps with inclined locking principle structure), clamps with financial expenses more than three times the profits of the clamping industry (referring to clamps with single-sided or double-sided rib top tightening principle structure), winding clamps (referring to clamps with samples locked by winding) Eccentric fixture refers to the fixture adopting (eccentric locking principle structure), lever fixture (refers to the fixture adopting lever force amplification principle structure), shoulder fixture (refers to the fixture applicable to the shoulder sample), bolt fixture (refers to the fixture applicable to the construction of new materials such as bolts, screws, studs, etc., and the use of demonstration lines to test the rib strength) 90 stripping fixture (it refers to the length that is suitable for two samples. In the total amount of folding carton, Asia accounts for 45%, and the United States and Europe account for 55%. In Europe, Germany's folding carton industry accounts for 25% of the European market with a total production of 860000 tons, ranking first. Italy and Britain rank second with 14%, and France accounts for 12% of the market share. The important product categories of Germany's folding carton industry are sweets, cooked vegetables, quick-frozen food, tobacco, cosmetics and drugs.

Cosmetics, sweets, tobacco commodities and expensive high-end commodities increasingly require new creative designs in packaging, so that products and commodities can be differentiated through packaging at the point of sale

post press packaging concerns

packaging is also increasingly involved in other parts of printed matter. The design and production of printed matter are becoming more and more valuable, which has shown an obvious trend in the printing industry and print buyers. Over the past few years, famous brand commodity manufacturers, machine manufacturers, material suppliers and market research institutes have all developed innovative post press finishing solutions

Heidelberg company is a printing system manufacturer that has devoted itself to the research of printing surface innovation in printing and related fields for several years. Heidelberg demonstrated an imaginative application scheme based on innovative printing methods in its R & D center. Heidelberg found that in terms of post press surface finishing and printing electronics, it has great attraction to famous brand manufacturers, advertising agencies and printing media enterprises, and plans to talk with these target groups in order to expand the impression of traditional printing. There is no doubt that printing is promising, not only traditional printing, but also functional printing and decorative printing

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