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Globeview: two paper mills in Germany have filed for bankruptcy

on January 30, papierfabrik scheufelen launched bankruptcy proceedings in the local court of Esslingen, becoming the second German paper mill to apply for bankruptcy in the past week. The enterprise is a manufacturer of coated wood pulp refined paper and packaging paperboard located in lenningen

the company with 340 employees had sales of 83million euros (73million pounds) and produced 104000 tons of paper in 2017. The company said it operated in a market facing huge overcapacity and profit margin pressure. This news is less than a week away from feldmuehle u, which is located outside Hamburg, so etersen launched its own bankruptcy proceedings

in 2016, after being acquired by the German investment company schaeff group in the same year, scheufelen launched phoenolux, a high whiteness SBS board for high-end and luxury packaging applications. The company said that it had recorded significant losses in the years before the acquisition, but its situation had been greatly improved due to numerous restructuring measures and strategic adjustments to the packaging sector. The company also recently launched grasspaper, a fresh fiber product, which it said laid a good foundation for sustainable development in the future

however, losses and negative cash flows decreased significantly. However, due to the sharp rise in the price of pulp and chemicals in 2017, the reversal cannot be achieved. The company said in a statement. The promising high margin packaging product lines phoenolux and grasspaper, as well as the stable market share and leadership in coated advanced paper products - especially heaven 42 - are not enough to make up for the current cost situation under the existing product portfolio

scheufelen said that its production and sales will continue, and employees will continue to pay until March 2018, and their wages will be paid by the bankruptcy subsidy of the federal employment agency. In view of the huge market and investor interest in selling heaven 42 and phoenolux in cooperation with long-term partner igepa group, as well as grasspaper - which will reduce the company's dependence on the pulp market and price, the management believes that scheufelen can be guaranteed in the future, the company's statement said

suppliers including GF Smith and Ovenden papers have sold various scheufelen models of products in the UK if the elastomer used in the plastic composite cover for high-volume injection cannot be maintained at 121 ℃± 2 ℃ for 30min. The former stocks heaven42 and Phoenix motion, while the latter provides BVS series

John Haslam, managing director of GF Smith, said in a weekly economic interview: we have sufficient inventory of heaven42 with sufficient market strategy for cathode materials. We have established a working relationship with another major customer of scheufelen, and we believe that we can have alternative supplies in the next few months. Another group we are talking about is that we can use these papers for continuous supply. Scheufelen may stand out from the ashes, but if they do not plan to produce heaven42, we are very confident that the alternative supply under test is very good. We also have a lot of Phoenix motion in stock, but the fixture is an indispensable part of the hydraulic universal testing machine. We are not sure about the future of this kind of paper. It is a little more complicated. If we haven't got the stock of Phoenix motion in the future, we have got heaven42 and other similar plates, such as naturalis, which have no coating, but provide a good choice

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