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Is the global newbuilding market rebounding

according to the shipbuilding express, the number of new shipbuilding hand-held orders worldwide finally began to rebound. According to the statistics of Kela E60 series system with a complete set of high-strength 6-column load frame configuration, based on the end of February, the global handheld order volume was 349.4 million dwt (5760 units), compared with 340 million dwt (5623 units) at the end of last month, the DWT based increase was 2.76%, and the ship based increase was 2.44%. Therefore, according to industry analysis, the market has reached the lowest point, and then began to rebound

the order volume of new shipbuilding in February was 3.1 million dwt (63 ships, according to industry insiders at last), an increase of 22% based on DWT compared with January; The delivery volume of ships in February was 7.6 million dwt (94 vessels), which was significantly lower than that of 19.6 million dwt (267 vessels) in January. This is conducive to the rise in the number of hand-held orders

according to the ship type, bulk carriers have 200million DWT, an increase from 189.2 million dwt last month; LNG ships have 5.4 million dwt, an increase of 600000 DWT. However, oil tankers and container ships showed a slight downward trend

recently, the world's hand-held orders for new shipbuilding have finally rebounded, and the share of high-efficiency heat insulation materials in the market is expected to be more and more large. Among them, the increasing trend of hand-held orders in Japan is more obvious

according to Clarkson's statistics, based on the end of February, China's hand-held orders were 42.2 million CGT, 150.7 million dwt and 2392 ships; South Korea has 35.9 million CGT, 103.8 million dwt and 1089 ships; Japan has 17.1 million CGT, 63.7 million dwt and 869 ships. Compared with the previous month, China and South Korea had little change, increased slightly or decreased slightly, but Japan, based on CGT, DWT and ship, surged by 21.3%, 20.9% and 27% respectively

according to Clarkson's statistics, the number of orders held by various countries based on the end of January is 42million CGT, 149.1 million dwt and 2386 ships in China; South Korea 36 million CGT, 106.6 million dwt, 1103; Japan has 14.1 million CGT, 52.7 million dwt and 684 vessels

however, some analysts said that the orders obtained by Japanese shipyards mainly by domestic shipowners were reflected later in the statistics, so the number of hand-held orders seemed to show an increasing trend

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