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Global new energy sales list in May: BYD is warming up, and Weilai is on the list for the first time.

affected by the COVID-19, the global new energy vehicle market is inevitably impacted, but thanks to the recovery of the Chinese and European markets, the global new energy market is also warming up day by day

1. Global new energy trend: rising amid the decline

the data of EV sales, the global new energy vehicle sales statistics station, showed that in May of this year, the global new energy vehicle sales volume was 144600, a year-on-year increase of 19%, but a month on month increase of 31%. At the same time, the cumulative sales volume this year reached 717756, a year-on-year decrease of 15%

looking at the new energy data alone, will you think that the development is blocked? Actually, it's not

affected by the global COVID-19, the car market suffered an earthquake. In May, the global sales fell by 33% year-on-year, and this year by 30%. Look at the decline of the new energy market. Yes, even if the car market is ravaged, new energy is still struggling to move forward

this can also be seen from another data. Data show that the global market share of new energy vehicles was 2.8% in May, up from 2.7% in the first five months, up from 2.5% in the previous year. Yes, new energy vehicles are further squeezing traditional vehicles

2. Cumulative sales ranking: Weilai bucked the market and became popular

in terms of cumulative sales ranking of new energy vehicles of various brands, Tesla continued to be the dominant company, followed by BMW, Hizon and BYD, followed by SAIC, Audi, Renault and Hyundai...

is the fifth sub station of the center in China.

compared with last year's ranking, the feature of this year's list is that foreign brands perform better as a whole, Chinese brands are declining

Tesla's ranking has not changed from last year, BMW and Volkswagen have increased by 3 places, and Audi has made a leap forward. BYD fell 2 places, SAIC fell 1 place, BAIC fell as high as 14 places, and Wei Lai broke into the list for the first time

In terms of market share, Tesla has a monopoly of 18%, and continues to rank first. Subsequently, BMW and Volkswagen both won 7% market share, and BYD's market share was 6%...

look at the sales ranking in May alone

Tesla still sells 20000 vehicles a month. In fact, the scale of Tesla is not high in history, such as BYD and BAIC, which have reached this level before, but failed to hold this base. The decline of subsidies is on the one hand, but also has many reasons for being limited to the domestic market

after a series of declines, BYD new energy vehicles finally rebounded in May, returning to the 10000 vehicle mark. Behind this, the breakthrough in the pure electric travel market is the key

although Volkswagen and BMW are closely matched, Volkswagen has more staying power and has a better chance of overtaking BMW. Because the current main selling models of Volkswagen new energy are e-Golf, Passat PHEV and other "precautions for the puncture force measurement method of the universal experimental machine for old cars" Introduction to the micro nano scale 3D printing technology developed by its team: "it can be said that it has not yet started to work, and the real sharp edge is the MEB platform" new car "delivered in September

the biggest X-ray this month is Wei Lai, which can be said to be the first on the list. With the strong support of Weilai space and Weilai energy, Weilai's circle model is recognized by more and more high-end consumers. Once the circle is broken, it will provide a solid sales guarantee for Weilai

in addition, Audi has also made great progress. In the European battlefield, Audi e-tron has killed the Tesla Model x, ranking the top of medium and large pure electric SUVs, which may be the signal of the war in the "post Tesla era"

3. Model List: hidden worries and surprises of Chinese cars

look at the model sales list again

except for no Gee, Tesla Model 3 is still ① alone ф Domestic sales accounted for more than half

followed by GAC AEAN s, Renault Zoe, BMW 530e/le and BYD Qin/Qin Pro ev... Compared with Tesla, which mainly comes from the C-end market, these are divided into two groups, one is the C-end and the other is the b-end

it is not difficult to summarize from the list that has been frequently moved in recent years. If there is no fixed model, the b-end market will become increasingly narrow and the list will not last long. As with Tesla, models mainly from the C-end market will probably sit firmly on the list

therefore, unless there are other models halfway out, China new energy may be completely destroyed in TOP10. At present, the seed player of 蓶 ① is Weilai ES6

another is the Hongguang Mini EV series newly launched by Wuling. Due to its extremely low price, it completely pulls out the brand factor (actually Wuling's brand power is not low). Panqiuhov, director of the "composite materials and process laboratory" of Plekhanov University of economics, who participated in this study and implemented the current electric vehicle market, said that the pragmatic line will become the biggest X factor in leilai

according to some information obtained so far, the sales volume of Wuling Hongguang Mini EV series may rival that of Tesla Model 3 and become the leader of electric vehicles in China

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