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Explosion proof

mixed agents produced by mixed agents (firing agents, acupuncture agents, ignition agents, etc.) are mechanical mixtures composed of oxidants and combustible agents (some also include quantitative primary explosives). It has a wide range of uses. In addition to being used for ignition and detonation, it can also be used for combustion, delay, light tracing, etc. The production workers of all kinds of mixed drugs are sold by kilogram, and their skills are basically the same, including 6 Viewing the experimental results and printing the report sequence is the main process of the process, and it is also a dangerous process prone to combustion and explosion. The main explosion-proof safety measures are:

1) to prevent friction, impact and detonation during operation. When mixing raw materials, it is necessary to weigh hard, heavy and burry raw materials first, then pour light, soft and smooth materials, and finally mix with agents with high impact sensitivity, so as to prevent explosion accidents caused by the impact of Rockwell hardness meter hard raw materials and agents with friction sensitivity

2) the speed of the mixing drum should not be too fast, and the mixing time should not be too long, because too fast speed not only mixes unevenly, but also is prone to danger; If the time is too long, it may also cause ignition and explosion due to the long-term friction of the particles. The speed of the mixing drum can generally be about 20 rpm. The mixing time is about 8 minutes

3) after mixing each drum of medicine, it must be parked for 2 ~ 3 minutes until the static electricity is eliminated, and then it is allowed to enter the mixing room to take the medicine box

4) handle with care during operation to prevent impact and friction. Before changing the dressing box, the human body should first remove the static electricity and provide a strong traceability guarantee for material measurement. Anti static measures shall be taken for the mixing equipment and the ground

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