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The "Expo marketing" of building materials enterprises continues to perform

the "Expo marketing" of building materials enterprises continues to perform

April 30, 2010

[today, StarTech introduces how to do the change performance test of the clutch: National Paint information] the highly anticipated Shanghai WorldExpo will be presented to the world during the "May Day" period. As the first World Expo held in China, it has brought huge market opportunities to many enterprises, Building materials enterprises are no exception. As the Expo marketing has become a new highlight of marketing in the market, many building materials enterprises have also begun to set foot in the new marketing point of Expo marketing

"Expo marketing" provides enterprises with rich business opportunities

Expo marketing with the approaching of the Shanghai WorldExpo, Expo marketing has also become another major marketing hot spot after the Beijing Olympic Games. For building materials enterprises, the approaching of the WorldExpo has provided rich market opportunities for building materials enterprises, and how to seize the market opportunities of the WorldExpo has become an important thing in front of enterprises

recognize the value of Expo marketing: the first thing enterprises should do is to recognize the marketing value that Expo can bring. At present, a considerable number of private enterprises' Expo marketing still stay in the replacement of product packaging (adding Expo elements), advertising, and some promotional activities that lack novelty. There is no breakthrough in marrying their own brands with the core of the Expo concept "city, life, beauty". Industry insiders pointed out that there is a full opportunity for enterprises to stand out through the Expo like Maotai in those days, but the basis is a clear understanding of the core values of the Expo

find the Expo marketing point of enterprises: after recognizing the value of Expo marketing, enterprises need to find the connection point between enterprises and Expo marketing, and enterprises should determine what they can do with the momentum of Expo. According to the connection points between the enterprise and the Expo, the next stage of marketing work is formulated

taking advantage of the Expo to determine a reasonable marketing method: taking advantage of the Expo in terms of marketing methods also requires enterprises to think hard. Enterprises can set up marketing methods suitable for enterprises and consumers around the Expo, such as buying products to give Expo memorabilia, buying products to get the opportunity to visit the Expo, and so on

taking advantage of the situation, we still need to put an end to the "marginal ball": there are not a few enterprises that play a "marginal ball" when taking advantage of the Expo marketing. You should know that when enterprises choose this way of marketing, they can only harvest market sales in the short term, but it is not a good way for the long-term development of laiye. First of all, the Expo, especially the addition of fillers, must be appropriate. The official of the Expo must strictly prevent the occurrence of the "edge ball" event. Secondly, the reputation of enterprises is also a systematic loss, so enterprises are also invited to walk steadily and take advantage of the business opportunities of the Expo to develop enterprises

the "Expo marketing" of home building materials enterprises continues to be performed

chengwaicheng aims at the marketing opportunities of the Expo: this year, the May Day promotional activities of chengwaicheng again started in the price war of the home industry. The 2010 WorldExpo has become the focus of world attention, and the WorldExpo economy is also hot with the approaching of the WorldExpo. Chengwaicheng has changed the traditional promotion methods such as concessions, discounts, rebates and so on in previous years, and wants to carry the "free ride" of the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo to launch a theme activity of "shopping to win the grand prize and visit the WorldExpo free of charge"

taking advantage of the Expo to complete health publicity: on the morning of April 19, the "environmental protection and health run for the Expo" organized by the pearl furniture kicked off in Chengdu Qingyang Industrial headquarters base. Nearly 500 furniture employees and volunteers from all walks of life have joined them. Jog along the 10 kilometer road around the Chengdu Qingyang Industrial Development Zone to advocate a modern lifestyle of "civilization, health, environmental protection and happiness", practice the volunteer spirit of "dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress", convey the concept of green WorldExpo, and welcome the arrival of Shanghai WorldExpo

Daming Palace home free Expo promotion activities: during the May Day holiday, more than 100 brand merchants in Daming Palace home city joined hands. 2. Zigzag experiment Huibin, while providing 180 free places to visit the Expo. Consumer packaging materials are mostly one-time products, which can not only enjoy the exclusive preferential price of Daming Palace on May Day, but also have the opportunity to visit the Expo free of charge

Anxin flooring takes advantage of the Expo Marketing Innovation: as a flooring supplier for the Expo Center, private enterprise joint pavilion and Poland Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo, Anxin flooring is lucky to be able to engrave its own corporate logo on the Expo Garden. However, the specific location of the Expo Park should be kept secret here. Anxin flooring hopes that visitors can find this sign, and those who find it will have the opportunity to obtain the limited edition WorldExpo commemorative gold bricks

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