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Expo "Preview" Expo technology

Haibao robot, which once made a brilliant debut at the National Day military parade ceremony, stood at the gate of the wi Pavilion of Shanghai New International Expo Center to welcome visitors; The beautiful and exquisite models of the Expo China Pavilion, Expo Axis and meteorological pavilion have become the focus of attention; The new generation of Shanghai "buy, eliminate and burn" is actually a naive robot; Zero emission new energy powered vehicles will be the main force of transportation inside and outside the Expo... From November 3 to 7, at the "Expo science and Technology Exhibition" held during the 2009 China International Industrial Expo, 189 participating projects made the public feel the infinite charm of the "Expo science and technology" in advance. Chen Jie, chief engineer of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, pointed out that in addition to the direct connection with the Expo, "Expo technology" has more connotations. People who pursue the trend can preview the future lifestyle, household equipment and popular keywords; Smart investors and entrepreneurs can understand the direction of the next generation of industries after the Expo

in the story of fantasy in the 21st century, there was always a universal robot that could talk, cook, wash clothes... Now this fantasy has become a reality at the "Expo science and Technology Exhibition"

the cooking robot looks like a small refrigerator, but it is much more capable than a refrigerator. It is difficult to feed, lubricate, turn the pot, stew, heat control and other cooking skills. However, how can robots recognize what is cooking in the pot, and how can they add different ingredients in reverse? Actually, it's not difficult. Robot frying, frying, frying, cooking is a special precise food preparation box, and the embedded RFID will tell the robot what ingredients and ingredients are in the box. Pour the oil into the pot and turn on the gas. After the oil is hot, tear off part of the plastic film on the material box first, and the shrimp will fall into the pot; Turn the pot, tear off another part of the plastic film, and put other ingredients into the pot in turn; Then keep turning the pot; Finally, load the plate and send a prompt sound to inform that the dish is ready. You don't have to do it yourself. A plate of hot shrimp is in front of you

in addition to cooking, robots can also be elegant waiters. The dish delivery robot will quote, settle accounts for you, and bring the dishes to the table. It is reported that in addition to performing tasks, the vegetable delivery robot may also officially "take up the post" in a restaurant in the Expo Park. Still waiting for notice

the home care robot is a considerate "little nurse", which can fold according to the natural structure of the human body, help the owner sit up, roll over, lift his back and defecate, monitor the owner's heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and other physiological information, and send out health alarms and reminders in time; The home education robot is a "tutor". It will go on the wireless, accompany the master to learn interactively, give learning suggestions, evaluate the learning effect, and arrange the learning plan; The home monitoring robot is the "housekeeper", which can not only open and close doors and windows, remote control household appliances, monitor fire, smoke, gas leakage, door and window intrusion, but also direct other home robots to work

in addition to being good at housework, robots are also the best "safety officers". Underwater robot can detect and dispose unknown and suspicious objects suspended, sunk or attached to other objects in the near field; The mobile underbody inspection robot is suitable for temporary parking lots, major activities, etc., and will live up to its mission in major activities such as the two sessions and the Beijing Olympic Games; Also effective for the Olympic Games are anti-terrorism and explosive ordnance disposal robots, which are good at dealing with all kinds of sudden explosive and dangerous events. At present, they are successfully equipped in many armed police forces and special police units across the country

RFID technology to combat "black cars"

in the "Expo safety and health exhibition area", two BMW model cars are moving around the model of "one axis and four Pavilions" in the Expo Park. Each time they pass through the entrance, the reader installed at the door will automatically sense the contents recorded on the electronic label in the car. "During the Expo, cars in the park must hold driver cards and car cards, which are indispensable."

project technician Yang Bo said that the car card corresponds to the vehicle license plate number, while the driver card stores the corresponding information of the driver. The probe in front of the Expo site will use RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to identify the dual cards, which has a large cooling capacity compared with the background database. If the information is inconsistent, it will never be released

rfid technology is powerful. Its maximum reading distance is 25 meters. RFID can read relevant contents even if the vehicle is driven at 180 kilometers per hour. If the vehicle has violation information in the Expo Park, the chip will also record it and be blacklisted, and it is not allowed to enter the park again. It is reported that this technology has been used in the taxi management of Hongqiao Airport and is one of the good methods to combat "black cars"

rfid technology has also been used in Expo tickets to ensure that the ticket check-in time for tourists to enter the Expo Park does not exceed 20 seconds; Through electronic tags and binding, as long as you take a light photo on the sensing device in the exhibition area, you can send the relevant contents of the exhibition hall to tourists through SMS or email

"Hushang eco home" created by "green"

"the sky is blue, the water is clear, the grass is green, and the scenery is beautiful", from the safety of drinking water to the comprehensive treatment of air, water and solid waste pollution, from the environmental restoration in the construction of venues to the harmless treatment and resource utilization of garbage, every link of the science and technology exhibition reflects the role of science and technology in promoting the improvement of the urban environment

in the "environmental improvement and ecological comprehensive treatment area", the staff carried out an interesting display: in a large tank full of algae, through soil purification, biological purification, plant purification, zeolite purification and other methods, the inferior class V-V water of Huangpu River can be changed into class II water of landscape in only 2 to 3 days

the model of "Hushang eco home" also attracted many visitors. As the only physical case in Shanghai, the best practice area of the Shanghai WorldExpo, many citizens want to experience their future life: the huge solar thermal equipment on the roof can not only generate electricity for the whole building, but also connect with the urban electricity. Once there is surplus energy, it can be used for the whole electricity. In addition, wind energy, clean energy, fuel cells, recyclable materials, etc. are all used in buildings

in front of the environmental protection technology booth, a wooden house with a sequin roof displays solar green power generation technology. Solar power generation technology will be widely used in the Expo site, among which the total installed capacity of solar photovoltaic power generation in the Expo site will reach about 4.7 MW; Among them, the theme pavilion is 2.83 MW, which will become the largest single building solar roof in China

passenger transport "zero emissions"

a strong lineup of new energy vehicles, including 90 battery cars, 100 fuel cell observation vehicles, 300 pure electric vehicles and 350 hybrid cars, will achieve the goal of "zero emissions" in the Expo Park while undertaking the heavy traffic task of the Expo Park. Except for an electric car with a shape that imitates a red sports car, these new energy vehicles with different principles are shown in a green appearance. What is consistent with this appearance is that their driving can reach the green target of "zero emission"

among them, the main fuel cell vehicles use hydrogen, and electric vehicles are driven by electric energy. Most of these hydrogen are industrial by-products, which are cheap and environmentally friendly. During the Expo, 100 fuel cell observation vehicles will operate in the Expo site. The power system of the sample vehicle displayed at the Expo has the characteristics of zero emission, high efficiency and low noise. The speed can reach 150 kilometers per hour and can travel 300 kilometers with one charge of gas. In addition, 90 battery cars will provide transportation services during the Expo

another main force is electric vehicles. The maximum speed can reach 55km/h, the driving range of one-time charging is 100 km, and the fast charging time is 30 minutes. The car also has an advanced electric heating system and an electric air conditioning system during the meeting with the Chinese government. During the Expo, there will be 300 pure electric vehicles, together with fuel cell vehicles, to achieve "zero emissions" in the Expo site. In addition to the above two main forces, during the Expo, the high-level chain of worldliner will be extended, and 150 hybrid buses, 350 hybrid cars and hundreds of super capacitor cars will be put into use at the same time in the Expo Park

in addition, the smart charger on display will also contribute to new energy vehicles. This charger allows car owners to charge themselves. It only takes 20 minutes to fill 80% of the battery of small electric vehicles, while the general charger takes at least 3 hours

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