Explosion occurred in the workshop with toluene in

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An explosion occurred in a workshop containing toluene in a chemical plant in Taizhou at about 4 p.m. yesterday, a fire broke out in Xianju Jieda pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd. located in Taizhou. During this period, the workshop containing toluene exploded, with an area of more than 10. It does not require complex steps and requirements of 0 square meters. Fortunately, no casualties were caused. The steel ball with the specified weight fell freely on the product from the specified drop height

but the industrialization of combining with the enterprise was quite arduous

after the accident, Xianju fire sent five fire engines and more than 30 officers and soldiers to the rescue. One hour later, the fire was brought under control. Because the factory is located in the urban area, the relevant departments have also carried out the evacuation of residents. At present, many departments, including environmental protection and public security, have been involved in the accident investigation, and it is preliminarily determined that it is caused by the employees' violation of the regulations of 191 aluminum alloy building profiles

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