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Explosion proof safety measures for pulverizing system

1 strictly comply with the provisions on the explosion-proof of pulverized coal fragments in the safety task specification for electric power industry (heat reduces the labor intensity of employees and mechanical part)

2 the coal mill secretly switches operation on schedule to prevent spontaneous combustion outside the coal bunker or coal mill due to durable shutdown. The pulverizing system shall be out of service for more than 24 hours. Before restart, check that there is no coal at the outlet of the coal mill. If the accumulated coal is found, it should be eliminated. When the accumulated coal is red, it can be eliminated only after the advanced predecessors put out the fire with steam

3 try to empty the yuan coal bunker or maintain a low coal level before shutdown to prevent spontaneous combustion of the yuan coal bunker due to durable shutdown

4 during the normal operation of the coal mill, its oil output is small and there is bubble steam. The fire fighting system is in excellent standby condition, and it is guaranteed to be put into operation at any time

5 during the normal operation of the coal mill, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the outlet temperature of the coal mill

6 the fire-fighting measures around the coal mill are complete, and the tests are qualified on schedule. The operation staff on duty should know the knowledge of fire-fighting

7 strengthen the handling of coal to prevent the coal from mixing with detonators and other explosives

8 when a fire is found in the standby pulverizer, all the inlet and outlet damper baffles shall be closed immediately to isolate the air, and steam fire fighting shall be used to stop the fire

9 when stopping the mill, stop it first to minimize the grinding force, then stop the coal feeder first, and then stop the coal mill after 15 seconds, so as to prevent the spontaneous combustion of accumulated coal in the coal mill

10 when the pulverizing system operates piecemeal, the temperature of the dissimilate at the outlet of the pulverizer should always be kept within ℃

11 after the pulverization is stopped, the hot air valve should be closed and the cold air valve should be opened to prevent hot air from entering the coal mill

12 the operating staff should strictly supervise the changes of negative pressure values of pulverized coal fragments, lay the technical foundation for the preparation and utilization of high-performance membrane materials, and often check whether the outlet pipe of the coal mill is red and blocked

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