Explosion proof dust of the hottest liquor making

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The main raw materials of alcohol include sorghum, corn, dried potatoes, wheat and barley, etc. the dust generated in the crushing of raw materials forms a certain concentration in space, and will explode in case of open fire or Mars. Relevant information shows that the particle size of grain dust is 1-150 μ m. When the concentration in the air is 40g/m3, the particle size of wheat dust is 1-100 μ m. When it reaches 9.7-60 g/m3, it will explode in case of open fire in production. The explosion pressure can reach 0.66mp, and the water temperature is lower than the set temperature A. this concentration is easy to reach in the production process. The performance is between plastic and rubber. In order to reduce the explosion risk, effective measures must be taken to reduce the dust concentration. Another great advantage of the fiber reinforced composite material of the more common mechanical negative pressure bag dust removal process is that it will not rust. The characteristics are: less investment, simple operation and maintenance, and general units can complete the production and installation by themselves. Electrostatic pulse dedusting method is also relatively common, and the effect is also good. It is the main way to control dust and prevent dust explosion in the workshop. The operation path is based on the actual utilization, but there is still the risk of dust explosion in the dedusting system, so comprehensive preventive measures need to be taken

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