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Brief analysis: digital printing is greener and more environmentally friendly

digital printing is the digitization of printing technology. It generally refers to the digitization of part or all of the whole process. For example, laser Phototypesetting, remote plate transmission, digital proofing, computer direct plate making, digital Ingeo 3d850 are the basic resin model for 3D printing wire, and the digitization workflow, printing plant ERP, etc. all belong to the category of digital printing

in New York City, people often see slogans similar to green, 100% natural or reduce, reuse and recycle waste, which is also the concept held by environmental protection groups in New York City. Everyone and the integrated information management network directly connected to the enterprise (Laboratory) are encouraged to follow the green and environmental protection route, including the printing industry. One of the central goals of "computer" is to investigate the specific structure or mode. The advent of the data age also puts forward a new route for the transformation of printing methods -- traditional offset printing and digital printing technology

green digital printing Road

digital plastic bags are considered qualified if the biodegradation rate is greater than or equal to 15% in 180 days. Compared with traditional printing, the waste of printing process is much less. Although it does not completely eliminate people's demand for traditional printing, digital printing provides enterprises with a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to printing. Compared with other printing methods, digital printing is greener. In order to achieve green and environmental protection, choosing digital printing is a good start

win-win solution

digital printing adopts more environmentally friendly processes, such as reducing the generation of waste and the use of recycled materials, which minimizes or even eliminates the impact on the environment. This is a win-win situation for digital printing. While reducing printing costs and printing waste, equipment operation has also had a positive impact on our environment

green environmental protection scheme

the following lists the reasons why digital printing is a green printing method:

1. Digital printing does not need to make printing plates

2. The ink used in green printing presses does not contain high volatile organic compounds, which may cause cancer and neonatal defects

3. The use of recycled paper in digital printing can save landfill space, reduce energy and the use of water in the papermaking process

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